Monday, July 14, 2008

One Odd Day

Today was down and up for me. First off I woke up and luckily turned on the coffee pot for our morning cup of bliss. I was in the kitchen and heard a noise out back and it was the Electric Meter Guy messing with our meter. I thought something was wrong with it so I poked my head out and asked him if everything was o.k., he said he was there to Shut it Off!!!! I asked him why because I had assumed (yes I know never to do that) that we had a few more days until it was due. Now the scoop here is we are usually behind on our bill. I know, I know! But we kinda forget about it and we usually don't realize it's due until they show up and want their money. Anyhow they never gave a notice this time. At all!! I asked Mr. Dufus if we could pay it this afternoon but he said No, and he was kinda rude a little bit about it to. Anyhow off went the electric, it didn't effect me to much because it wasn't to hot out and since I keep the doors and windows closed the cool air from the air conditioner stayed in. We have problems with our electric going out during storms so we are pretty use to the no electric thing. Well Tom payed the darn thing and on went the electric. I spent the day working on knitting and listening to my battery operated radio.

Part Two. I have been on vacation for like 4 weeks or so due to Granny H. (Great-Grandmother on Father's side) falling off her sofa. Yes, she had decided that the air conditioner needed to be turned off (which was off) and she climbed onto her sofa and fell off and cracked her pelvis. This woman is 99(as of yesterday) and she doesn't tend to listen to anyone. She is stubborn to the core. But anyhow her daughter came to visit for a few and ended up staying to take care of her. So that left me out of a job. I am starting back up on Wednesday though which is great. But I don't know how long I will be taking care of her, they are putting her into a nursing home. It's sad because she loves her apartment and likes her freedom but she won't listen to anyone and keeps falling. So I might be taking care of Tom's Grandma D.(Father's Mother) we found out about 6 weeks ago that she has cancer again this time it is in her bones and has traveled to her brain. Now they said Chemotherapy and radiation will possibly eradicate it but we aren't sure if her body will be able to handle it all again! Yes this is the second time she has had cancer within 2 years. She has also been through a Quadruple Bypass and 2 strokes. This is one heck of a strong woman let me tell you. Anyhow right now she needs lots of help and I might be called to take care of her until she pulls through.

Part Three. O.K. onto the next chapter of this day. Tom's other Grandmother(Mother's Side) has ALS she has had if for about a year now and is slowly losing her muscle use. Well we were asked today if we would consider the possibility of moving down to Kentucky to take over the care of her. Her husband is doing it now and there is no way he can do it all on his own and work a job. So Tom and I have been talking about it and we are probably going to do it. I am ready for a change and it will mean that his Grandmother will have someone to help with the household day to day stuff and to take over her care. So we'll have to see what happens in the coming up month or so.

Oh and I also saw a Monkey. Yes, I said a Monkey! We were driving to the gas station to get a Icee and saw this Dude on a bike with a monkey hanging on his arm. My mouth dropped open and Tom did a double take. It was one of those little guys. How cute :)

I'm going to bed! Have a great evening. :)