Friday, July 11, 2008

Home Again

Well we are home again. My vacation was nice and long the kind where you can just lay around and not have to do more then cook and watch T.V. I wish we could have went up to Michigan but it was still a nice couple of weeks. My poor apartment needs an overhaul though. I realized when we came home how small it is. I think we are going to look for a new place very soon. I did get some sunshine on my skin and I am a little darker than I was. I'm Mexican/Caucasian so I have a lighter skin tone, more than a full blooded Mexican so I do tan. I love that feeling after you come in from the Sun and see the redness around your cheeks and on your nose.

I spent the last couple of days watching Re-Run episodes of Project Runway. I love it. What a fun program and I can really get into the outfits each one of the designers produce. I will have to wait awhile to watch the next season due to no cable but I can satisfy myself with just getting old re-runs or watching America's Next Top Model. Not the same thing I know but I like it just the same.

Well I am off to put things away. Tomorrow I need to clean Yay! Have a great evening:)
Best Wishes.