Sunday, July 20, 2008


Ok well it has been a few days since the last post but really nothing much has been going on. I have been working on my projects a lot and wanted to get my work done so I can be ready for birthdays and up coming swap stuff.

New information on the ongoing saga with all the Grandma's and such. First off Granny H. is going into assisted living. Her daughters are moving her into her new digs in 2 weeks. So this has left me open for changes in my life. Tom's mother called and said she talked to Grandma C. in Kentucky. It's official We are Moving!! Wooohooo!!!!! We are so happy. Neither Tom or I have ever lived outside of Indiana. This is a big move for us. The house we are moving to is almost 6,000 sq ft. We will pretty much have our own wing of the house with a huge bedroom and a bathroom with a jacuzzi bath! OMG it has been years since I have a had a bath to relax in. This awesome!
Next up we will have our own balcony so cool. We will also be right on the lake! I know water right out back and a pontoon boat to cruise around on. Where we live now there's no lakes around so this will be heaven on earth for us. Tom will be able to ride his bike everywhere now and I will get to garden in bigger spots. I also get to finally be able to cook in a huge kitchen where we live now it's no bigger than a closet. Grandma C. and Grandpa E. are so happy and relieved. He can barely take care of her and he can't get any more time off work. So they are so open to free in home care and I'm someone they obviously know and trust. We are all benefiting from this move. I am so happy my Mother-In-Law asked us if we could do this. I am starting packing this week (UGH) it's the only part I hate about moving. I am also doing a very deep clean as I go along so that when we get the moving truck it's just a straight up easy going move.

I'm off to work on some projects so I can show you pictures.
Have a great day. :)