Thursday, July 24, 2008

Frizzled Frazzled

Tom left today to go with the kids and his mom down to Kentucky to visit Grandma C. for a couple of days. I'm pretty bummed about it. Tom and I haven't spent one night apart since we started dating about 5 years ago. I know! Not one night. I am missing him so much right now. I know he'll be back but that doesn't mean I don't miss his wonderful Tommy smell, or his goofy sense of humor. I love my Tom.

I have been busy cleaning finishing my projects for birthdays. This is Bonnie B!
I had so much trouble making her ears just perfect. They kept coming out all silly. I used I love this Yarn that I got from Hobby Lobby a long time ago. I didn't like crocheting it. It was really snaggy. But I fell in love with her. My daughter C. wants one now. I am thinking I could get away with making her a mega Bonnie :) I can't wait to tackle that project. C. also likes the Booga bag I made for my mother in law so I am going to make her a small version soon. So many projects and so little time.

I need to clean more and get packing. Have a great day :)