Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Camera MIA

(Would have been posted yesterday but computer got messed up)

Sorry to have disappeared for a couple of days. For about a week now I have had the tummy flu and have not been able to shake it. That's probably why I had such a lousy day on Saturday. I am still feeling kinda sluggish from it and running a fever off and on but I feel a lot better. So on to knitting news. I keep meaning to post photos but that dang camera likes to play hide and go seek when I need it. Right now I am working on a beanie hat for the cutie. I made one for my stepson and made my step daughter a crocheted shrug from the Happy Hooker SnB book. They turned out pretty well I think. I will post photos when that camera decides to show it's self. Does anyone have numb hands when they first started knitting? It's pretty inconvenient when you want to get things done fast. I wonder if it's because I'm just starting out making something other than scarves. I mean the most knitting I have ever done was last Christmas I knitted like 12 scarves for family and I haven't made anything but one pair of socks since. Speaking of which I would highly recommend this as a beginners guide to socks. It was the easiest tutorial I have found yet. Well I am off to work on my projects. Have a great day.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

To be yarn or not to be yarn

That is today's question. Or at least it is for me. I had a very long day, first off me and the cutie (husband) went to my step-son's (age 10 by the way) , ( there is also a step-daughter age 9 ) last football game. Now, I love that he is involved in sports but dang do they really have to have have the dang thing on a early Saturday morning? I know, I know here I am complaining already on my second blog but oh well it is my blog after all right? Anyway it's at 9:30am, way to early for me. I sleep till 10 or 11am on the weekdays, no way am I liking the early Saturdays. In case you are wondering, I am a stay at home, non working person. So I can do that. I am trying to change my sleeping ways but it's a trial. So back to topic. Next we decided to go to the Mississinewa Battle of 1812 re-enactment, WOW who know that there would be like a billion people there and that it would be like 90 some odd degrees out today. So we pushed through the crowds and finally found the one thing I had been wanting for weeks now. A drop spindle. I so knew they would have them there. I bought one, and 3 small roving's to try out on it. Well the nice lady showed me how to do it and wouldn't you know when I get home to try I suck at it! I tried a website step by step but I still can't get it. Well since my title is yarn or not to be yarn I am guessing the not to be yarn is the answer. Next after the battlement place we went to a school carnival for my step-daughter.The cutie and I sat off to the side while watching her spend all her tickets. After that it was good to be home. I probably would have had a better day if I would have gotten more than 4 1/2 hours of sleep last night but dummy me had to stay up late reading a really good romance book. I will try to post a couple of pictures tomorrow.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

My start

Well I have finally took the plunge and created my first blog. Everyone else is doing it right? Yes I am one of those people that would jump off a bridge if everyone else is doing it! I am not sure if this will be an everyday blogging or once a week, but my thoughts about all sorts of things will end up on here eventually. I would like to post photos of my likes and projects. I am a beginning knitter and I have only accomplished scarves and a couple of hats so far. I am left-handed but I have taught myself how to knit and crochet like a right-handed person. I have crocheted for awhile now but off and on. I really picked it up with the Stitch N' Bitch Happy Hooker book. Now I have found myself wrapped up in the Knitting world. I hope I can look back at this 5 years from now and be amazed at my skill level progress. I am not really informed yet about how the blogging world works but I catch on pretty quickly. So hopefully there will be more from the wonderful words of Linda. :)