Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Turtle Town

Hi there. I have decided that this blog needs a happy face put on it. I have a crazy weird life. My sister Cheryl said that I am the only person she knows that has had so many crazy, goofy things happen to them. Yeah my life is way from conventional and if I told you some of the story's I have, you would run far, far away LOL. No seriously you would recommend a psychiatrist or perhaps a nice institution on a hill over looking a pretty little pond.

Anyhow. Moving on. We have acquired a new member of or quaint little family. Please a round of applause for...... Shyloe the darling little turtle. Tom rescued her out of the middle of a very busy highway a few weeks ago. I feel so in love with this little girl, she is the brightest. We sectioned out a place to put her nice 1 room cardboard bungalow, included in her newly acquired home with a nice lawn. A in-ground pool and all the tasty worms,slugs, and bugs she can eat. Did I also mention a wonderful view? So without further ado here is Shyloe :)

(OMG I take horrible pictures! Oh and Shyloe had just finished her dinner of juicy blueberries so No she isn't bleeding or hasn't eating something that was bloody)
Have a wonderful evening :)

Monday, June 15, 2009


Hi there it's been a while but I have been pretty busy with household stuff and swaps that I had signed up for. I just completed two Swaps on Ravelry. One was the Mini Purse Swap. I have been doing these swaps from the start up group. There's not a lot of chatting but I think it's an awesome swap. I have always gotten the most wonderful handmade items and gifts.

What a fantastic package huh?

Next Swap was Swap on A Budget. There is of course a story behind this one. I sent my package off to my Spoilee and she received it a few weeks before the deadline. I also sent off a Thank you gift of Stitch Markers, and a Row Counter Bracelet to my moderator. I was a day late in sending that off due to not being able to afford the shipping until Tom got paid. By the way Man the prices at the post office have seriously went up since last year at this time Sheesh!
Any way I received a message from my moderator a few day's before the due date and she let me know my spoiler had some things going on and I wouldn't receive my package right away. This was perfectly Ok with me Honestly. I know things come up (OMG do I know this) and family and household stuff comes first. I'm a very patient person. Yes, Yes I am! I am like everyone else and I love to get gifts and what not and I get super excited but I would never rush or whine and moan about not getting my stuff right away. I waited 3 weeks and 3 days. Every so often when I would post in the thread that was called the waiting room when asked who all was still waiting and I would reply that I was still there and once when someone asked in our group about who has received and who has sent their packages out I replied that I was still waiting.

Ok here's where I am feel pretty disappointed. I felt as though my moderator just could not have cared less. She really let me down because she didn't even bother letting me know that my spoiler flaked on me. The moderator told me several times that my package was on it's way and that I was not being flaked on. To me On it's Way means it's in the mail and it should be at your door any day now. We are to get delivery confirmation on our packages and I figured she was tracking it's progress and it got hung up some where. Nope, never received even a quick post letting me know that my spoiler just couldn't complete the swap due to ? and that they we're going to give me a Angel. She didn't communicate with me and to be honest when I posted that I was patiently waiting she made me feel as though I was being impatient. Now I know you can't tell a tone of a post on the internet and maybe I took it wrong, but I know when I feel as though I am being brushed to the side. I had Tom read all the post and he was pretty ticked about it and he agreed.

I was never mad about my spoiler flaking on me, I just wish that someone would have let me know that she was not able to complete the swap, but I am extremely disappointed that the moderator let me down with the communication. I was going to write a message to the moderator but you know what, I think it would be ignored or misconstrued as to me making a big deal out of nothing and maybe I could be, but I can't help how something makes me feel. The only reason I bothered to say anything on here is that this is a place where I let out my personal thoughts and feelings and I needed to vent a bit. I have some hurt feelings but I'll get over it eventually.

There is a fabulous ending to this though. I received an amazing Angel. Thank you Shebear29 for being so rocking. I got the best swap package and she spoiled me completely.