Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Few of my favorite things

Howdy. I have spent the day watching the Food Network off and on and I love to see things come together. I had DVR'd (?) Ace of Cakes. What an awesome show! The artistry that goes into just one of those cakes is amazing. What a dream job huh!

Someday my dream job would be to run a Bed, Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Not just a B&B. I would love to have enough acreage up in Northern Michigan (Preferably Mackinaw City) to open one. I can cook for a large crowd and I love it. I grew up with 1 sister, and 3 brothers. I am of course the middle child. Plus add both of my parents and that equals a decent size family. I have made enough to feed at least 30 people at one time and still have had left overs. My mother taught me from a early age to cook and so I can handle large amounts of food. Plus I have worked in Restaurant Kitchens before and enjoyed it a lot. I love to make comfort foods and I like to add new and interesting dishes to our lives. I think that would have to be a highlight of life, taking something that you dream about on a daily basis and making it come true. Sounds like a resume right LOL.

I wanted to list a few things I find that I like in life.

1. The color Pink. I like it in many different shades. I like it mixed up with other colors. I even like Pepto Pink! Someday when I have my own craft room I'm painting it pink! I may even paint my kitchen pink LOL. 2. Recipes. I love to cook obviously. I like to make things that are interesting and new to me. I love to read recipe books.

3. Sewing. I am very new at this but I have fun when I create things.

4. Buttons. They come in so many different sizes and shapes.

5. Reading. I read a lot. I like Romance (Cheesy I know). Not a lot of people my age care for it but I read them by the dozen. My favorite writers are Laurell K. Hamilton and Heather Graham.
I also read Horror, Mystery, and Classics.

6. My favorite foods are Mexican of course, Tex-Mex, Italian, Asian. I would love to try new foods from all over. I don't like anything that has parts like feet, tongue, brain, etc.... EWWW.
There is so much out there I haven't had like Indian, Greek (besides Gyros), European, etc...

7. My favorite snack right now is Strawberry and Dark Chocolate S' mores. YUMMY! I like all sorts of snacks though I'm not overly picky.

8. Veggies. I crave vegetables all the time. My favorites are broccoli, tomato's , cauliflower, green beans, spinach (new craving), mushrooms, and a ton of others. I am growing zucchini in my garden and carrots I have never tried growing either of these before and it's going pretty great. I can't wait to pick and eat these.

9. I like the cartoon Chowder. It's a hoot.

10. I love to Knit and Crochet. I am good at both. I think! I'm not very fast at either but I'm getting there. It's fun and soothing and I love the fact that there is such a large community. I am pretty shy at making friends and where I live I don't have any. I know it's kind of sad really. But just signing in on the website Ravelry I feel like there are a lot of people out there I can relate to. I have just started being more active on there by joining groups and posting a lot more.

11. Traveling. I love to take road trips. Right now I would love to travel to the West Coast and just start from Vancouver Canada and go all the way down to the end of California. I also want to head over to Europe, and Asia. My favorite place in the world is Mackinaw Michigan. I feel at peace here and I love to hear the waves from Lake Michigan hit the shore. It's home in my heart.

There is a ton more that I find to be my favorite on a daily,weekly, monthly, and yearly basis, but these are my top ones at the moment.
Smell-Belle's secret hide out.
Have a great evening :)