Monday, June 23, 2008

Long Time, No Blog

Ok, ok I know it's been months but I have decided to start blogging again. Not that I really had a whole lot to say before but I VOW to try to be a good blogger this time. Well I guess what really inspired me to start again was the fact that I am apart of
I love it there, the kindness and caring of such a large group of people is extraordinaril . I decided to be more of a joiner and did my first swap, and I received some really wonderful gifts from a 11 1/2 year old girl!!! Omg I was floored, she was so thoughtful and did an awesome job making the little felted purse in a very pretty blue. She even included a bone for my doggies. Heres a picture isn't it great to receive something in the mail. So this is the package I sent out to my secret swap pal.
Plus I added some coffee, chocolate and some Nerds (gotta love Nerds) also I love making things and it was my first time sewing and I think I did a pretty good job with the needle and crochet cases.

Well then my goal was to speak up in more postings and I have! I am pretty proud of myself. I don't have any friends where I live due to living out in the country and there isn't much to do here. I am a pretty shy person at first so I find it hard to make friends. Next I decided to join a group called RAK. Now I feel kind of weird joining this group because you make a wish list and then very nice people come by and check it out and send you lovely gifts in the mail. I work with mostly acrylics/acrylic blends which I love and I know for a lot of people that's forbidden but I really do love them. I have gotten some really beautiful and soft scarves, handbags, slippers, blankies from acrylic/acrylic blends.
I figured it was an opportunity so see what other people knitted with and if they wanted to throw some other stuff in there then so be it :). I love used stuff. I take stuff that is used and make it even more loved. I got RAK'ed ( not sure how to say that) last week and received some wonderful things today. First off is some items I got from Soknitpicky
my jaw about dropped when I opened this package and there was a ton of the most wonderful leftovers (and full skeins) ever. There was Habu Kid Mohair N-52 1/20 (peachy), Noro Silk Garden (red, and brown), Cotton Chenille from Crystal Palace Yarns (baby blue), Filatura Di Crosa BabyKid Extra (Aqua)(SOOO Soft),Classic Yarns Natural Silk Aran( pretty peachy orange and sage green), Queensland Collection Kathmandu Aran( Black/grey with Turquoise speckles), Malabrigo Uruguay(Geranio Red)(OMG YUM!), Classic Yarns Cashsoft Dk (Aqua with fleck of blue and brown)( I made a bracelet from this with a glass bead), On live?(Yellow sock yarn going to make a elefante by Susan B. Anderson for my nephew T. or some Monkey socks.)Paton's Up Country ( Blue and Brown), Rowan Cotton Tape (Black), Rowanspun Chunky (Sage with flecks), Habu Textiles 2/48 Merino Thread/Lace (Sage), Lion Brand Wool (Sage), Vogue Knitting knit.1 magazine Spring 2007, Vogue Knitting International Spring/Summer 2005, and a Knitting Calendar 2008 box thingy wow is all I can say I love it it has a ton of interesting projects.
The next package I got was from a Knitter named juulia on Ravelry She included a full skein of RH Rose, a cake of Cherry Red and Pink, a smallish ball of Red Stripe, and a little ball of Purple, Blue, and Pink. I plan on making some baby blocks and the Red and Pink will go towards making this bag Colorful Carryall Bag from Crochet Today, but I need some more colors to add. I will probably use the Rose for a blanket and a stitch holder which I needed Thank You sooo much.

Thank You both for so much Generosity.

I want to send someone else some lovely gifts but it will have to wait until next week unfortunately, but I will be making sure that I will RAK someone's wish list and pass on some items I don't need. The feeling of giving is a wonderful one.


soknitpicky said...

Surprises are fun :-) The peach and sage are a cotton blend, I believe--they didn't have a ball band. Oh, I forgot--the bit wrapped around the iTunes card is some Habu Kid Mohair N-52 1/20 that I got to play with after someone else had sent it to me.

Linda said...

Great Thank You again and thanks for the info. :)