Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Rainy Day's

It's raining, it's pouring, My Dog is snoring. I love the sound of a good Thunderstorm don't you? As long as our power stays on though. It must be really touchy since every single time we have a storm it blinks off and on and then most of the time stays off. But so far it's only blinked a few times.

Today is lazy day. I plan on cuddling up with a book and my knitting. I need to finish all those Fish and I am also working on a 2x2 Ribbed Scarf in Debbie Mumm Robins Egg Blue color. I like the feel of this scarf but it's kinda goofy to work with. You kinda have to be gentle with it and pull the strand out so it doesn't bunch. I know a lot of work for a scarf huh! But I promise the results are turning out excellent. I think they used Kool-Aid to dye these skeins. It smells just like when I dyed the wool for some purses I made. I can smell the Blue Raspberry in the Debbie Mumm yarn. I like that smell.

Onward. I was asked by my new friend who is the 11 1/2 year old from the swap I joined before, if I wanted to join her swap. How could I say no honestly. She and her friend are presenting this swap all on their own. If you happen to get a chance please stop by and check it out Hammy's Cookie Swap this is only on Ravelry. She would love to have new members.

Well I think I am going to go and have my Rainy Day, Lazy Day. Have Fun.