Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Gone Fishing

I came back the very next day to blog can you believe it? I told you I was going to be a good girl from now on.

I am on vacation since last week, last week I had a horrible ear infection and my husband sat with Granny H. (who is 98 years old by the way) for a couple of days until her daughter came. This week is kind of mandatory vacation due to the her falling and hurting herself and her daughter is in town to take care of her. Poor Granny H. I am making her favorite thing, Chocolate Chip cookies to help cheer her up. I spend my days helping her out around the house and making her lunch. She still lives on her own in an apartment and she's feisty as all get out. She is also my husband Great-Grandmother. :)

Well since I am on vacation I decided to make my husband's Grandma D. a blanket. She just found out she has cancer again but this time it's in her bones. I wanted to make something warm for her while she is going through chemotherapy so I found a really neat blanket pattern. It's this one A Recipe For Fish and I have already caught a few on my needles.

I am using Caron Simply Soft in colors, Woodland Heather and Deep Teal Heather. I love how they look together and they are really soft. I will definitely be making more fish blankets from this yarn.
I use Caron a lot for my projects. I love how soft it is and how you can cuddle up with it. I put it with Novelty soft yarn or Eyelash with complimentary colors when I make scarves and they come out so soft and fuzzy. I'm not in the least a picky Knitter. I can't afford to be. I do love some of the yarns that I have gotten that aren't acrylic but when you are on a budget soft acrylics it is.
When Hobby Lobby use to be in Marion I would buy a ton of the sale $.99 yarn in as many colors that I could afford. I also had gotten a lot of the Dream by Moda Dea for like $.70 . Man that's some lovable yarn especially in a scarf or a hat.

Speaking of yarn spots.
I went to Sarah Jane's Yarn Shoppe in Fort Wayne a couple of weeks ago I had been wanting to see it ever since it opened. It's a cute and lovely yarn store. I found the layout really nice and not crowded even when there were a few people in there. I bought a retractable tape measure for my swap pal. I loved that they had such a good variety of brands. I will definitely be going back in there soon.

Well I guess I had better get my needle out and make some more Fish only about 80 more to go LOL. Have a great day :)