Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thoughts and Pondering

We had a wonderful time with the kids for Spring Break and we miss them so much already. I can't to be moved back near them.

I'm having an off day today and have been really sad. I usually don't talk about my feelings on here due to not wanting to come off sounding like I need to be pitied or whiny, but I have no one to talk to other then my husband. He's great in so many way's and he understands me like no one in my life ever has.

I miss having friends though. I sometimes wonder what is wrong with me. I read a ton of different blogs and I get so sad when I see that most of the people have friends that they hang out with and go have coffee, have a nice dinner, crafting, knitting, crocheting, cooking. I had friends at one time but we fell out of touch due to life changes. I am on and there are so many women there that I have so much in common with but I still have not made one solid friendship.

I feel lost sometimes. I know I am being a booger and no one wants to read about others problems and I will apologize now. I'm homesick, depressed, and lonely. All I can hope for is to move back to Indiana soon.