Sunday, April 12, 2009

Gone for a bit

We headed up to Indiana this weekend for Easter to visit the home slices (family) (I'm trying to be hip, leave me alone :P). I realized today how much I missed visiting with my family and how wild they can be. We had a big blow out at my bro's house and I spent a bit of time with my little wild nephew T.

OMG that is one wild, crazy, funny, goofy baby! I could not keep up with that child no matter what. I also realized if Tom and I have one of those crazy rugrats, that was how I was going to feel every day with a toddler, I would be all crazy like! To be honest I loved every minute of it.

My nieces were their usual charming selves and jacked all up on sugar. Ahhh to be a child on a sugar high again. Heck what am I talking about I was jacked all up on sugar along with them LOL. Hey don't judge you! You know you have that secret candy stash you sneak into and pig out on and then sit in your sugar induced coma with that goofy ass smile on your face. LOL. Haha called you out didn't I? Anyhow I had a lot of fun, I even flew a kite. It went extremely high up but my brother distracted me and it landed on the roof where it proceeded to get stuck and my brother Luke had to climb up on Jp and get it off. After that it just wouldn't fly again :( I was sad for a bit then started playing with the kid's goo stuff they got, Yes I am a child at heart so, so suck my toe all the way to Mexico Hehe. Damn Sugar making me all sorts of loopy.

Hey guess what I am doing in the next week? Well for one working on my eber secret swap partner package and number two? I am heading off to Delaware! OH YEAH! Mini Vaction for me this week. I am going with my Mother in Law and my step Daughter to help pack up my husbands deceased Great Uncle's home. He passed last year and they finally sold the house in Rehoboth Beach. I am soooooo excited. I have never been to the East Coast and I have always wanted to get over there. Someday I would love to travel up the East and West Coastal ways and check it all out but until then this will be AWESOME.

Hey have you seen this commerical?


Have a great day all and Hope you all got that lovely Sugar High!

(This is from one of my all time favorite movies Empire Records)