Monday, January 12, 2009

The No Nipper

I was talking to Mama on the phone and she informed me they have a Blizzard watch there in Fort Wayne. Can you believe that? You know as soon as we move down south they get all that wonderful crazy weather up there. A couple of weeks ago they had a huge Ice Storm that shut down half the city. I know it sounds silly of me to want crazy weather but I love the feeling of the adrenaline rush. I like watching storms blow in and the clouds growing in size when there's about to be a thunder storm. Of course I get extremely scared when there is a Tornado warning. I'd be a goof if I didn't. But there is just something about huddling down in a nice warm house when a snow storm blows around you, and you can watch the snow build up against everything, and the ice form on the trees. I'm not a huge fan of winter but I sure enjoy watching Jack Frost do his job.

Next up we have Daisy! She's quite ticked at me today but I could really care less. I crocheted her a lovely little muzzle to cover her nipping little teeth. Daisy doesn't quite like it when I clip her Dinosaur claws so I have to have someone hold her and she still tries to nip me. She got hit by a car some years ago when someone let her out of the yard and she ran into traffic. I looked for days for her and finally I found a found ad and she was in a Vet office. When she got hit it clipped her back leg and knocked it out of joint. Every since that accident she doesn't like anyone touching her legs. So I really needed to clip those Dinosaur claws and can't afford to get it done at the vet. This is where the No Nipper comes in. I was looking online at fabric muzzles and thought I might as well give it a shot myself. I came up with this little number.Yeah She's not happy. As of now I haven't tried to clip those claws but hopefully tomorrow I can coral Tom and test it out. I will post the pattern after I do that. Well its getting late I am off to bed. Have a great day.

Best Wishes,