Wednesday, January 14, 2009


OMG! Due to the being broke in this house I don't get to try to many awesome yarns. I work a lot with Red Heart (Not knocking this yarn) and I use Caron Simply soft more than any other yarn it's my go to yarn. I have a ton of yarns that I got from Hobby Lobby when they go on sale for like $.99 and cheaper and they have their uses. I got some wonderful yarn from swaps that include a beautiful Moda Dea green wool and silk blend and some lickable pink Kroy Stripe sock yarn. My most treasured yarn so far would have to be my Noro Silk Garden. I was also RAKed (Random Act of Kindness) with a big box of scraps. Now I fondled everything in that box possibly to death but I couldn't find any pattern or had any inspiration to use anything. I finally saw a wonderful pattern called the Leaf Pattern Scarf from Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2005. It had Mohair as the main yarn and I love the flowing look of this scarf. I am using two of the gifted yarns for this and I am in LOVE with Mohair. The other yarn used is Rowen RYC Cashsoft DK, and I also love this yarn. It is unbelieveably soft and scrumptous. Both of these are in a mint/turquoise color.
I'm never going to be the same after these yarns. Mohair, I love thee please come live with me forever. I know I need help, but if you just send lots of Mohair I am sure I will get sick of it eventually! Have a great day.

Mohair Addicted,