Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Turtle Town

Hi there. I have decided that this blog needs a happy face put on it. I have a crazy weird life. My sister Cheryl said that I am the only person she knows that has had so many crazy, goofy things happen to them. Yeah my life is way from conventional and if I told you some of the story's I have, you would run far, far away LOL. No seriously you would recommend a psychiatrist or perhaps a nice institution on a hill over looking a pretty little pond.

Anyhow. Moving on. We have acquired a new member of or quaint little family. Please a round of applause for...... Shyloe the darling little turtle. Tom rescued her out of the middle of a very busy highway a few weeks ago. I feel so in love with this little girl, she is the brightest. We sectioned out a place to put her nice 1 room cardboard bungalow, included in her newly acquired home with a nice lawn. A in-ground pool and all the tasty worms,slugs, and bugs she can eat. Did I also mention a wonderful view? So without further ado here is Shyloe :)

(OMG I take horrible pictures! Oh and Shyloe had just finished her dinner of juicy blueberries so No she isn't bleeding or hasn't eating something that was bloody)
Have a wonderful evening :)


mary said...

A tutle is the only pet I will allow in my home. I love them, they're so cute.