Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Hello :) I know I have been MIA for a while but hey I've been a busy woman.

There are times when my life seems extremely crazy and I guess I just continue to go with the flow and try to ride it out. It's hard a lot of the time and I get tired of the fight and just want to freeze everything.

Take 2 weeks ago for instance. Tom's Grandmother that had ALS passed away on Friday May 8th may she rest in peace.

An hour after we received the news the following happens. Let me paint the scene for you. I was sitting at my desk on the computer (yes like usual) I had been on my favorite web site Ravelry and I had the tv on watching the updates about a severe thunderstorm moving through. I looked out of the front window and I saw some lighting strikes in the distance, I thought it was just so spectacular. I was typing in to my link thingy and next thing I know I am on the recliner and shaking like a leaf.

Yes as you have probably guessed I got my butt zapped. By the way I can laugh about this now since it's been a few weeks. I was touching the keys on my lap top at the exact moment lighting hit the top of our chimney. I am ok but I tell you what it scared the ever loving snot out of me. My hands hurt for several days and were pretty numb but other wise it was more of an emotional mess up. It fried pretty much all our electronics. We lost the following: T.V, DVD, Converter Box, Xbox 360, Stereo, Printer, Coffee Maker, Tom's computer cable (luckily his laptop wasn't plugged into it), and two of my lap top usb drives no longer work. Oh and it blew the M key off my computer which I am guessing is the key I happened to be touching when I got zapped. Our chimney has bricks falling off of it on one side and some of the flashing blew into the yard, it blew one of our fuses (the glass kind) so bad it kinda melted in the fuse box lucky we rent and the landlord has to take care of all that but guess what we don't have? You got it Renter's Insurance. So we lost everything and now have to slowly try and build back up. I know I am so lucky that I am ok and I am thankful for that everyday but all I can say is "AHHHHHHHHHH" :)

So yeah. Life as I know it. Oh and by the way I am terrified of Thunderstorms now and I will tell a wonderful story on that tomorrow. LOL

Have a great evening and unplug your electronics!