Saturday, May 23, 2009

Scaredy Cat

Hi there the last time I posted I had told an Electrifying story LOL. Ok I'm cheesy and I know it.

Well onto the next weirdo thing that took place. Saturday night I was reading before bed like usual. I had turned off the light and had just falling into a deep sleep. Riveting huh? I woke up to the sound of thunder and saw lighting flash. I sat up and looked around and noticed that our bedroom door was opened half way (I never keep our door open at night and I always lock it) between that and the thunder I was terrified. I woke up Tom and told him to shut the window so that it didn't rain in and to shut the door. I don't know what he was thinking being half asleep but he left the room and was checking all the other windows in the house. It was a horrible storm with a ton of lighting and after what had happened on Friday I was terrified let me tell ya, and so were the dogs! Daisy came over and was shaking up against my legs and Isabelle was glued to my side. I got out of bed and as soon as I went to reach for the door handle the door slammed shut in my face. I freaked out big time! I tried opening the door and couldn't get it to budge. I was hysterical by this point (lighting,thundering even worse now). I finally thought to unlock the door and ran out into the living room looking for Tom. He was no where to be seen so I turned around and went to go back into our room and the door slammed shut on me again! Remember here that I had just got my butt zapped the day before so I was an emotional wreak! That was enough to send me over the edge completely, I finally opened my door and as soon as I did lighting struck somewhere close by and it Thundered the loudest I have ever heard I dove into bed and hid under the covers with the dog. I was hysterically crying and finally Tom came back in and held me until I calmed down. He had went outside to roll up the van windows and heard me screaming and ran back inside. This all took place in a matter of a couple of minutes but it was like a horror dream that I couldn't get out of. Tom said I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder now. I am terrified of storms and I don't see me getting better anytime soon.

I have a question though that I haven't figured out yet. How did my bedroom door get open when neither Tom or I got up? Hmmmm is right.

We have a lot of weird stuff that has happened but you would think I'm a nut if I so much as told you a bit of it. :) Maybe I am a nut after all LOL.

Anywho there is a awesome contest over at Skeins Her Way go ahead and check it out for a chance to win some Spud&Chloe yarn.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

Best Wishes,