Monday, March 9, 2009

Ta da!

Yes my friends there has been some actual progress in the yarn area over in Lindie Land. I have completed several projects that I am proud of and a few more that I just haven't got photos of just yet. I am lazy when it comes to photographing projects due to non sufficient lighting during the winter months. Here's the goods.

This was for my Swap partner in Mini Purse Swap it's a cute little bag and I would make it again.

This wash cloth was also made for my swap partner and it was a really fast knit. Everything you see here is on my projects page on Ravelry.

This a cute needle roll I whipped up for my swap partner and I love making these. Tutorial Here
She is a great crafter.

This is the package I sent to my Swap partner for Mini Purse swap. Lots of little goodies.

This was my gifts from my Swap partner. I love everything she included Scone mix, Raspberry Cappuccino mix, a Chocolate Angel Food Cake mix, Lindt Lindor Chocolates, a yummy smelling soy candle (scents: cashmere,fresh linen, and cotton whisper), Tea (these tea bags are so neat they are made from organza? I think.), A couple of post cards, information about where she lives, A skein of Bamboo yarn, A skein of Mohair/Wool blend yarn, a awesome bubble purse, a couple of different patterns, and she also sent a few recipes for home baked bread. I hope I didn't forget anything. I do love it all.

These a pair of fingerless gloves called Evangeline. I made these for my sister for her birthday. She hasn't seen them yet so I hope she likes them.

Christmas Stocking: This was Knitted by Tom's grandmother that passed away in September 2008. It was so close to being completed that it was sad to see she never got to finish it. All I did was finish closing the toe and had a to do a sew up the back. This is going to my step son for his christmas stocking as that's who my mother in law said it was meant for. We miss you Grandma Dorie.

Cupcake set from Itty Bitty Nursery by Susan B. Anderson honestly I love everything she designs and I look forward to getting her other book Itty Bitty Hats and some of her other patterns on her website. These are for my nieces and they were meant for Christmas but I didn't finish them in time so they are still awaiting them. I love all of the things included in this set and I will be making more of these sets.
This is a blanket I made for my mom I had previously posted about, and I finished it in January. I love the colors of this but OMG it's time consuming. I hope she loves it though I'll let ya know.

I started this blanket on our Honeymoon in September 2005, it took a long to complete it I think about 2 years or so. There are many mistakes in this but it is the greatest memory of all of our honeymoon because it's always front and center in our living room. I heart this blanket.

Have a great day and lets all wish for sunshine and rainbows *LOL*
Best Wishes, Linda