Sunday, July 6, 2008

Super Dog

Today I decided I wanted to spend the day out in the pool. We needed to clean it really well and I was using the pool vacuum. As I was minding my own business, I look up and see the neighbors Yellow Lab Luke standing at the top of the ladder. Now this dog is a hoot. He comes over at least twice a day to visit us and whiz all over the place. Isabelle (chichi) likes to think that she can take him on but so far when he comes near her, she takes off screeching and yelping. She's such a baby. Anyhow the first time I met this lovely goof we were driving up the drive and I got out to catch him and take him back home. Well he keep running behind me and trying to jump up and pull my hair tie out. He's a pup or at least only a year old and like I said He's goofy. Yesterday I was walking up the drive and he came out of nowhere and jumped up and bit me on the boob! It wasn't hard just a love nip. :) Well today when I say him on the ladder I told him to get down. He was trying to turn around and I walked over to help him onto the deck, he jumped onto the deck and then decided that he needed to swim with me. He jumped into the pool and was swimming around with me. I had to grab him by his collar because he can't swim to well. I had to yell for Tom to come out and help me get him out of the pool. His owner came by and got him a few minutes later. Needless to say he escaped about an hour later but this time I was ready for the little bugger. We pulled the ladder up! LOL He still tried to jump over the rail but he wasn't tall enough. Yet!! Here's a photo of Luke wondering how to get into the house.

I love goofy animals and he's a big goofy butt.

Have a great evening :)