Friday, June 27, 2008

Dog eats towel

Well today was kind of boring. I made Blue Berry Pancakes with Turkey bacon on the side for Lunch (Yeah, You heard me Lunch. I'm lazy and on vacation so there!LOL) actually I got up at 9 and just didn't feel like breakfast this morning so I ate it for lunch.
Then we went to my in-laws to see the kids before they all head up to Mackinaw for 2 weeks with out US!!!! It sucks that we get to miss another year up there but we get to chill at the in-laws house with their pool, so there is that plus for us. Still it's not the same.

Well my Title of today is about a Dog that eats a towel. Daisy dog (black lab mix) has decided after 11 years of life she wants to develop separation anxiety. I mean this dog goes nuts and whines and barks as soon as we put her in her cage. She started this about a month ago and now she is pulling things into her cage and is chewing holes in them! I have blanket that we got in Cozumel Mexico when we went on a cruise and I put it over her cage, what does she do? She eats holes all over in it. The we put a towel over the front of her cage only at night so that she doesn't catch a chill from the air conditioner and what does she do? She eats holes in it even though I put it up on top when she gets up in the morning. We left and she found a corner or something and pulled it through the bars and eats big holes all over it. UGH! She also pulled a cord from a old humidifier through the bars and chewed through that. It was unplugged by the way. I tried putting a nice big chewy bone in with her before we leave but she didn't touch it, she just ate the blanket. She's driving me bonkies I tell ya. Goofy dog. Who me I didn't eat that Towel, maybe the blanket but not the towel Honestly!

Well I think I going sign off for now Have a great evening :)